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By Nicole Strickland Audio communication with the spirit realms is one of the most prolific and preferred methodologies paranormal researchers utilize.  While audio gadgets help to capture spirit voices and/or sounds, a session’s success relies on the investigator’s consciousness and intent to communicate.  To date, no one understands how EVP and ITC data are transmitted …

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Children And The Paranormal

Children and the Paranormal Written by Nicole Strickland Paranormal Researcher, Author, Lecturer Paranormal research is an ever-evolving field with new developed theories, tested methodologies, technological developments and further understanding of what constitutes life after death.  The interest in this field is not limited to the adult population; we are seeing an influx of children of all …

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Glen Tavern Inn

Glen Tavern Inn Article Written by Nicole Strickland Paranormal Researcher, Author and Lecturer Known as the “Citrus Capital of the World,” Santa Paula is a city in Southern California’s Ventura County.  It is named after Catholic Saint Paula.  Located along the Santa Clara River Valley, the area’s first inhabitants were the Chumash Native Americans.  In 1769, when Gaspar …

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Living Realm Influence On Paranormal

How Does the Living Realm and Our Natural Environment Cause and/or Contribute to Paranormal Activity? Approaching paranormal research is the same as approaching a noncomplete puzzle.  You have pieces scattered about and it takes careful thought and determination to find the matching pieces and put them together.  Even though some connect, the puzzle isn’t completely …

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